The fastest and only Youtube to MP3 Downloader you will ever need! Download below in description.

Youtube to MP3 by MediaHuman

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I stumbled across possibly the best youtube to MP3 downloader recently. Youtube to MP3 by Mediahuman can easily convert online video media to MP3 from Youtube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Facebook and many more!

You can try the Trial for free to see if it suits you, but trust me, you won’t find any other App that can do better.

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I haven’t had to use any other Apps beside MediaHuman’s Youtube to MP3 so I hope you won’t have to look any further too.

The fastest and only Youtube to MP3 Downloader you will ever need! Download below in description.

Making my first “real” movie review.

cin.jpgI’ve always wanted to start doing movie reviews. It’s been one of those “oh I wish I wrote up a review and tell people my thoughts on the film that actually want to hear it” … …Well that is what happens most of the time.

So I signed up for a rotten tomatoes account!

I’ll put the link here to my profile so it’s easily accessible.
My first review is for Batman V superman. I thought the space to write the review in was quite small so I didn’t go for too much but I ended up writing a bit more. Please check them out.

It’s quite difficult to trawl through reviews on a particular movie (especially the box office hits) since there are so many critiques.

More reviews to come…

Making my first “real” movie review.

What Jazz Song Is This?

You might be wondering why there is a picture of the inside of a small restaurant. It’s because this is where I’ve heard some of the best Jazz songs!

I used to come by this small Japanese restaurant for lunch or dinner sometimes, and hearing the sounds of smooth jazz was exquisitely comforting. I guess it reminded me things I’ve always enjoyed of doing and dreamed of doing. I always wanted to learn the saxophone or piano, I imagined myself playing something soulful haha. After attempting both, it requires a lot of practice. I’ve ended up with a diatonic c harmonica and that seems to be an easier start. I can already play a few tunes! (and theres lots of tabs!) Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent.

So, today, I learned the name of the radio station from which the elegantly seductive jazz was coming from. I always thought it was a local radio station however it’s from a digital radio station at Before I knew the name of the station, I’d been using Shazam to find the songs. I had found a few gems which I will leave links to here.

He’s killing it at 4:25! It actually is So Good!

Ryan Farish is another composer to look for. He’s done some amazing compositions and they’re simply beautiful. He did a latino sounding arrangement of Brian Simpson’s Sky Watcher.


Hearing these after a long day gives off a really relaxing atmosphere. Some of the jazz reminds me video game music that I used to hear when I was younger. Specifically the music from Final Fantasy X-2. It was the first game I remember playing to have a rich storyline with pleasantly tailored chill music themes to go with places or characters.

I always feel nostalgic hearing these again. Makes me wish I can go back to these days.


Testing , Testing 1 2 3


Welcome to my blog posting wall.

I’m Ace so this is just my but I also liked the play on words with justices. Someone already beat me to it by taking justace.wordpress… *raises fist. kidding.

Being  12 years late to the WordPress club doesn’t bother me (although when I did look up that it was released in 2003, I thought that there may be a successor to it, like the time everyone moved from Myspace to Facebook).

I am wanting to share my stories / music / rants / thoughts / philosophical discussions here to others whom are able to relate to or are simply interested in reading them.

Testing , Testing 1 2 3