What Jazz Song Is This?

You might be wondering why there is a picture of the inside of a small restaurant. It’s because this is where I’ve heard some of the best Jazz songs!

I used to come by this small Japanese restaurant for lunch or dinner sometimes, and hearing the sounds of smooth jazz was exquisitely comforting. I guess it reminded me things I’ve always enjoyed of doing and dreamed of doing. I always wanted to learn the saxophone or piano, I imagined myself playing something soulful haha. After attempting both, it requires a lot of practice. I’ve ended up with a diatonic c harmonica and that seems to be an easier start. I can already play a few tunes! (and theres lots of tabs!) Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent.

So, today, I learned the name of the radio station from which the elegantly seductive jazz was coming from. I always thought it was a local radio station however it’s from a digital radio station at smoothjazzexpressions.com. Before I knew the name of the station, I’d been using Shazam to find the songs. I had found a few gems which I will leave links to here.

He’s killing it at 4:25! It actually is So Good!

Ryan Farish is another composer to look for. He’s done some amazing compositions and they’re simply beautiful. He did a latino sounding arrangement of Brian Simpson’s Sky Watcher.


Hearing these after a long day gives off a really relaxing atmosphere. Some of the jazz reminds me video game music that I used to hear when I was younger. Specifically the music from Final Fantasy X-2. It was the first game I remember playing to have a rich storyline with pleasantly tailored chill music themes to go with places or characters.

I always feel nostalgic hearing these again. Makes me wish I can go back to these days.